Cantus Sororum

Cantus Sororum
Keskiaikaisia birgittalaislauluja Naantalin luostarista - Medieval Brigittine songs from Naantali Convent
Vox Silentii
Proprius PRCD 2010


  1. Antiphon: Ave Maria
  2. Antiphon and psalm: Rosa rorans bonitatem
  3. Antiphon and psalm: Benedicta sis tu Maria
  4. Great responsory: Sicut spinarum vicinitas
  5. Antiphon and psalm: Multe tribulaciones
  6. Versicle: Benedicamus
  7. Great responsory: Maria summe trinitatis
  8. Antiphon and magnificat: Magnificetur rex celestis
  9. Great responsory: Stirps Jesse
  10. Hymn: Errorum pleno tenebris
  11. Short responsory: Vidit virgo
  12. Antiphon and psalm: Tremor terre
  13. Antiphon and trope: Salve regina

Playing time: 63' 14"

Vox Silentii:
Kirsti Autio (vocal), Johanna Korhonen (vocal), Hilkka-Liisa Vuori (vocal)

Recording site and date:
Naantali Church, Naantali, Finland [01/2001];
Rel.; 2001

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Information from CD
The Swedish noblewoman Birgitta Birgersdotter (1303-1373), a visionary and the founder of a monastic order, was canonized in 1391 and declared Patron Saint of Europe in 1999. This new CD with the Finnish female vocal ensemble Vox Silentii contains pieces from Cantus sororom (The song of the sisters). These songs are in the Gregorian chant tradition and lyrics and music are by St. Bridget herself. She taught her nuns to sing in a simple and natural manner. Vox Silentii has strictly followed St. Bridget's instructions how to sing these contemplative songs (from website).

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