Castello - In Stil Moderno

Castello - In Stil Moderno
The Heritage de Monteverdi, IV
Kiehr / La Fenice - Jean Tubéry
Ricercar 206422


  1. Sonata decima sexta per strumento d'arco e altri
  2. Sonata seconda per due soprani
  3. Exultate Deo, motetto a voce sola
  4. Sonata seconda per soprano solo
  5. Sonata decima quinta per strumenti d'arco
  6. Sonata decima settima per due violini e due cornetti in ecco
  7. Sonata undecima per due violini e trombone
  8. Sonata decima per due soprani e fagotto
  9. Sonata quarta per due soprani
  10. Sonata duodecima per due soprani e trombone

Performers: Jean Tubery (cornet), Yoshimichi Yamada (cornet), Enrico Parizzi (violin), Alessandro Ciccolini (violin), Judith Depoutot (viola), Arno Jochem de la Rosee (cello), Jean-Jacques Herbin (sackbut), Franck Poitrineau (sackbut), Jérémie Papasergio (dulcian), Christina Pluhar (theorbo, triple harp), Matthias Spaeter (archlute, chitarrone), Jean Marc Aymes (harpsichord), Jörg Andreas Bötticher (organ), Maria Cristina Kiehr (soprano - track #3)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: January 1995 (Switzerland)

Although little is known of his life, the two books of sonate by Dario Castello published in Venice in 1621 & 1627 are sufficient to establish his fame. These are some of the most significant early instrumental publications in Italy. Indeed, despite the composer's obscurity (he identifies himself as a woodwind player in Venice), the first book was republished in 1629 and twice in 1658. The liner notes for the present release explore some theories on about Castello's life and career.

Track #3 is his only surviving motet, published in the collection Ghirlanda Sacra in 1625.

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