Tallis: Complete Works - Volume 9

Tallis: Complete Works - Volume 9
Instrumental Music and Songs
Stephen Taylor / Charivari Agréable, et al.
Signum 042 (2 CDs)


  1. In Nomine I (consort)
  2. In Nomine II (consort)
  3. A Solfing Song (consort)
  4. Salvator Mundi (consort)
  5. Fantasia (consort)
  6. Felix Namque II (lute)
  7. Felix Namque I (virginal)
  8. When shall my sorrowful sighing slack (harpsichord)
  9. Like as the doleful dove (harpsichord)
  10. O ye tender babes (virginals)
  11. Purge me, O Lord (harpsichord)
  12. Per haec nos (virginals)
  13. A Point (virginals)
  14. Lesson: two partes in one (harpsichord)
  15. Remember not, O Lord God (harpsichord)
  16. Per haec nos (organ)
  17. A Point (organ)
  18. Lesson: two partes in one (organ)
  19. Tu nimirum (countertenor, lute)
  20. When shall my sorrowful sighing slack (countertenor, lute)
  21. Like as the doleful dove (countertenor, lute)
  22. O ye tender babes (countertenor lute)
  23. Byrd: Ye sacred muses (countertenor, consort)
  1. Litany (choir)
  2. Verset I (organ)
  3. Verset II (organ)
  4. Felix namque I (organ)

Performers: Charivari Agréable (consort), Lynda Sayce (lute), Laurence Cummings (virginals, harpsichord), Andrew Benson Wilson (organ), Stephen Taylor (countertenor), Chapelle du Roi (choir)

Playing time: 102'

Recording dates: May 2004 (St. Andrew's Church, Toddington), August 2004 (Fenton House, Hampstead), July 2000 (Hampstead), May 1999 (Knole House)

This is the final volume in the Signum set.

Disc 2 is a set of "bonus tracks." The CD2#1 was recorded as a part of Volume 6, but would not fit on that program. CD2#2,3 are considered dubious attributions, and CD2#4 is an alternate reading of CD1#7.

Performing members of Charivari Agréable & Chapelle du Roi are not named.

A collection also featuring Tallis's complete viol music:

In Nomine
16th C. English music for viols
Amon Ra 29

And a recording devoted to keyboard works:

Tallis: Complete Keyboard Works
Rachelle Taylor
Atma 22349

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