In Nomine

In Nomine
16th C. English music for viols
Amon Ra 29


  1. Tallis: In Nomine (a 4) no. 1
  2. Tye: In Nomine (a 5) 'Crye'
  3. Tye: In Nomine (a 5) 'Trust'
  4. Tallis: Solfaing Song (a 5)
  5. Cornysh: Fa la sol (a 3)
  6. Baldwin: In Nomine (a 4)
  7. Tallis: Fantasia (a 5)
  8. Bull: In Nomine (a 5)
  9. Byrd: In Nomine (a 4) no. 2
  10. Byrd: Fantasia (a 3) no. 3
  11. Taverner: In Nomine (lute)
  12. Tallis: In Nomine (a 4) no. 2
  13. Preston: O lux beata Trinitas (a 3)
  14. Johnson: In Nomine (a 4)
  15. Parsons: In Nomine (a 5)
  16. Parsons: Ut re mi fa sol la (a 4)
  17. Ferrabosco: In Nomine (a 5)
  18. Ferrabosco: Lute fantasia no. 5
  19. Ferrabosco: Fantasia (a 4)
  20. Tallis: Libera nos, salva nos (a 4)
  21. Taverner: In Nomine (a 4)

Performers: Richard Campbell, Julia Hodgson, Elizabeth Liddle, Richard Boothby, William Hunt, Christopher Wilson

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: February 1987

This recording focuses on the In Nomine genre, including some of the most abstract consort items of the period. It includes the complete viol output of Tallis.

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