Church and School songs from Medieval Scandinavia

Music from the Piae Cantiones - Church and School songs from Medieval Scandinavia
Pro Musica Antiqua Oslo - Hans Olva Gorset
Simax 1203


    Cantiones de Nativitate Domini et Salvatoris nostri Iesu Christi

  1. Parvulus nobis nascitur
  2. Dies est laetitae
  3. Omnus mundus
  4. (instrumental 1)
  5. De Fragilitate et Miseris Humanæ Conditionis

  6. Scribere proposui
  7. Insignis est figura
  8. Vanitatum vanitas
  9. Mirum si laeteris
  10. (instrumental 2)
  11. De Tempore Vernali Cantiones

  12. In vernali tempore
  13. Tempus adest floridum
  14. (instrumental 3)
  15. De Vita Scholastica

  16. Sum in aliena provincia
  17. In stadio laboris
  18. O scholares, voce pares
  19. (instrumental 4)
  20. Cantiones de Nativitate Domine et Salvatoris nostri Iesu Christi

  21. Angelus emittitur
  22. Ecce novum gaudium
  23. Resonet in laudibus
  24. Verbum caro factum est
  25. (instrumental 5)
  26. Fra en klosterbok

  27. Mith hierthæ brendher

Performers: Marit Isaksen Solstrand (voice), Ståle Ytterli (voice), Elizabeth Gaver (fiddle, rebec, recorder), Gisela Attinger (fiddle, recorder), Vegard Lund (lute, harp), Gilles Obermayer (percussion), Hans Olav Gorset (flute, recorders), Linn Andrea Fuglseth (chorus), Anna Maria Friman (chorus), Torunn Østrem Ossum (chorus), Johannes Weisser (voice)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: February 1999 (Oslo)

Piae Cantiones is a large & important collection of songs which appeared in Finland in 1582. It is a unique example both of Scandinavian music-making in the period as well as of many medieval melodies (some known in other sources) in late Renaissance notation. Especially given the connection to student music-making as well as the contrafacta involved, we can see an easy analogy between this collection and the much earlier German Carmina Burana.

The present production involves modernization of the language, designed especially to be intelligible to today's Norwegian listener (the original collection would have been drawn also from Norway, as the entire region was under Swedish-Finnish hegemony at the time).

The final track is from a different source, from a Dominican monastery in Denmark.

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