Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana
Clemencic Consort - René Clemencic
Harmonia Mundi HMC 90 335 [CD]
Harmonia Mundi "musique d'abord" HMA 195 335 [CD]


  1. Bacche, bene venies (CB 200)
  2. Virent prata hiemata (CB 151)
  3. Nonem a sollempnibus (CB 52)
  4. Alte clamat Epicurus / Nu lebe ich (CB 211 / 211a)
  5. Vite perdite II (CB 31)
  6. Vacillantis trutine (CB 108)
  7. In taberna quando sumus (CB 196)
  8. Iste mundus (CB 24)
  9. Axe Phebus aureo (CB 71)
  10. Dulce solum natalis patrie (CB 119)
  11. Procurans odium (CB 12)
  12. Vite perdite I (CB 31)
  13. Sic mea fata canendo (CB 116)
  14. Ich was ein chint so wolgeran (CB 185)
  15. Deduc Syon, uberrimas (CB 34)
  16. Ecce torpet probitas (CB 3)
  17. In terra summus rex (CB 11)
  18. Fas et nefas ambulant (CB 19)
  19. Flete flenda (CB 5)
  20. Homo qui vigeas (CB 22)

Performers: Zeger Vandersteene (countertenor, percussion), Hans Breitschopf (countertenor), Pedro Liendo (baritone), René Zosso (hurdy-gurdy, chant), René Clemencic (recorders, flute, cornet, shepherd's flute, organ), Andràs Kécskès (lute, rubebe, psaltery), Frantisek Pik (cornet, courbe, mandolin), Anne Osnowycz (buche), Spiros Rantos (vielles, rabab), Richard Erig (shawm, bombarde), Walter Schiefer (percussion)

Playing time: 61'

Recording date: February, 1974

Carmina Burana is a large German student manuscript from which Orff drew his famous 20th century setting. The current disc is the original 13th century version.

Although the manuscript, discovered in a Benedictine monastery in the mid-19th century and subsequently named Carmina Burana, is very extensive, the majority of the texts do not include melodies. These are to be inferred by the structure of texts or other cues which allude to well-known medieval melodies from other sources. German medieval music of this sort is generally known as Vagantenlieder, the poetry of the Goliards.

The lag between the technical & artistic developments in this source and those of Western Europe is substantial. Although the Carmina Burana dates from c.1220, it is actually grouped technically with analogous songs and notations in the Cambridge Songbook of c.1000. This is of course part of its interest, as it reflects an earlier practice which did not survive in quantity.

This is a classic performance, often raucous in tone. There are many other recordings to choose from, often with rather different performance decisions.

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The last citation above is a reconstruction of the dramatic play which concludes the manuscript, and which is basically distinct from much of the other contents.

And two more extensive programs, including the one from which the present compilation is drawn:

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Although they may be "complete" in some sense, it is not worthwhile to talk about completeness for this manuscript, as precisely which lyrics have performable music is a matter of some inference.

A other few recordings by Clemencic of similar material:

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For more recordings by Clemencic, see his discography.

Finally, a later collection of Gothic music from the German-speaking world, representing a similar cross-section of genres:

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