Agricola: A Secret Labyrinth

Agricola: A Secret Labyrinth
Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel
Sony Classic "Vivarte" SK 60760 [CD]
Sony Music Entertainment SMK 93028 [CD]


    In the "Chant sur le livre" Style
  1. Gaudeamus omnes in Domino à 2
  2. De tous bien playne à 3
  3. Dung aultre amer à 3
  4. Virgo sub ethereis à 3

  5. Missa Guazzabuglio
  6. Kyrie - Missa Je ne demande à 4
  7. Gloria - Missa Secundi toni à 4 à 4
  8. Credo - Missa Le serviteur à 4
  9. Sanctus - Missa Re Fa Mi Re Fa à 4
  10. Agnus Dei - Missa In Myne Zyn à 4

  11. 3 Chansons
  12. Je nay dueil (bergerette à 4)
  13. Se mieulx ne vient d'amours (rondeau à 3)
  14. Fortuna desperata (canzona à 6)
  15. Salve Regina à 4

Performers: Marie-Claude Vallin (discant), Katelijne Van Laethem (discant), Pascal Bertin (countertenor), Rannveig Sigurdardottir (countertenor), Eric Mentzel (tenor), Eitan Sorek (tenor), Harry van Berne (tenor), Matthew Vine (tenor), Lieven Termont (baritone), Marius van Altena (baritone), Peter Dijkstra (bass), Stéphane MacLeod (bass), Harry van der Kamp (bass)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: May 1998 (Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud)

[4], [8] Sony Classical 82876-82812-2 [CD] Da Vinci: Music from his time

Sony Classic SBG 7478442 [CDx15] A secret Labyrinth

Alexander Agricola (1446-1506) is one of the forgotten figures today. His music shows some interesting elaborations on the ideas of the Ockeghem generation before becoming dominated by the "rational" style of the Josquin generation. The present recital emphasizes his unusual approach to counterpoint & modality.

The first group of works has previously been interpreted primarily as being instrumental works, but are given a vocal rendition here. The "mass" gives excerpts of several of Agricola's masses as stated.

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 23/1-161 (september/october 1999)

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