Willaert - Vespers

Willaert: Complete Works, Volume 11
Vespro della Beata Vergine
Collegio Vocale e Strumentale Euterpe - Antonio Eros Negri
Stradivarius 33326


  1. A. Gabrieli: Toccata per organo del IX tono
  2. A. Gabrieli: Intonazione per organo del VII tono
  3. Jachet / Willaert: Dixit Dominus
  4. A. Gabrieli: Intonazione per organo del I tono
  5. Willaert: Laudate pueri
  6. A. Gabrieli: Intonazione per organo del IV tono
  7. Jachet / Willaert: Laetatus sum
  8. A. Gabrieli: Intonazione per organo del VI tono
  9. Jachet / Willaert: Nisi Dominus
  10. A. Gabrieli: Intonazione per organo del II tono
  11. Willaert: Lauda Jerusalem
  12. Cavazzoni: Ave maris stella per organo
  13. Willaert: Ave maris stella
  14. Cavazzoni: Intonazione al Magnificat octavi toni
  15. Gombert: Magnificat octavi toni

Performers: Riccardo Villani (organ), Elisa Franzetti (voice), Annamaria Calc iolari (voice), Simonetta Bruzzone (voice), Emanuele Bianchi (voice), Luigi Gariboldi (voice), Luciano Martello (voice), Marco Bordini (voice), Marco Radaelli (voice), Ilario Santini (voice), Milena Frigè (organ) Marina Toffetti (spinet)

Playing time: 64'

Recording date: November 1993

Several of the psalms of this cycle were composed jointly by Willaert and Jachet de Mantua (d.c.1559). How exactly this procedure worked is unknown. Organ works are taken from Andrea Gabrieli and Girolamo Cavazzoni. The concluding Magnificat is a masterpiece of Nicolas Gombert. The cycle is purely conjectural, but makes a nice service.

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