Ondas do mar

Ondas do mar
El Canto de Amor en el Mediterraneo del siglo XIII
(aka Insirâf)
Ensemble Cantilena Antiqua - Stefano Albarello
Symphonia 98157
Pan Classics PC 10239


  1. Anon. Arabic: Calvivi Arabia
    Anon. Sephardic: La Rosa en Florese
  2. Berenger de Palou: Ai tal domna
  3. Anon. Andalucian: San'a Darj
  4. Martin Codax: Ondas do mar
  5. Berenger de Palou: Tant m'abelis
  6. Anon. Andalucian: Mishalja - Btahi
  7. Martin Codax: Man did ei comigo
  8. Anon. Sicilian: Amuri amuri
    Anon. Sephardic: Abenamar
  9. Berenger de Palou: De la gençor
  10. Anon. Turkish: Peshref
  11. Berenger de Palou: Totz temoros
  12. Martin Codax: Ay ondas
  13. Anon. Andalucian: Insiraf
  14. Martin Codax: Quantas sabedes amar
  15. Martin Codax: Mia yrmana fremosa

Performers: Stefano Albarello (voice, citole, 'ud, saz, gittern), Paolo Faldi (recorders, shawm), Marco Muzzati (santur, edufe, bendir, darbukka, riqq), Gianfranco Russo (vielle, lyre)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: March 1998 (Lucca)
Released: 1998 (Symphonia), 2011 (Pan Classics)

The program features Galician works by Martin Codax (fl.c.1230), the "Cantigas de Amigo" which are the only songs analogous to the more famous contemporary Cantigas de Santa Maria surviving with music in Spain. Berenger de Palou (d.1194) was an Occitan troubadour. Also included are songs in other idioms from Spain in the period, including sephardic and Andalucian repertory.

The program finds a theme of love & and separation to unite these disparate items.

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Todd M. McComb