Arab-Andalucian music

Música Andalusí
Núba Al-Istihlál
Ibn Báya Ensemble - Omar Metioui & Eduardo Paniagua
Sony "Hispánica" 62262
Pneuma CDPN-250


  1. Bugya
    Twisya Nos. 1 and 2 of the Núba
    Mízán Bsít: San'a, Qála Lí
  2. Mízán Qá'im wa-nisf
    San'a, Yá Wáhida L-'asri
    Laysa L'asá (instrumental)
  3. Twisya No. 3 of the Núba
    Insád de Tab' Al-Instihlál
    Mízán Bráyhí: San'a, Gaybatuk
  4. Mízán D-dary
    Brwála, Akáml l-bhá
  5. Mawwál Al-Istihlál
    Mízán Quddám: twisya
    San'a, 'Indamá Sadá
    Min Suhayba Barat
    Gasálun Samá
  6. Mawwál sobre Tab', Al-Hiyáz Al-Kabír
  7. Mawwál sobre Tab', Raml Al-Máya

Performers: Eduardo Paniagua (flutes), Luis Delgado (andalusí lute), Gloria Lergo (voice), Mohamed El Arabi Serghini (voice, viola, darbouka), Omar Metioui (oud, andalusí lute, viola, tar, voice)

Playing time: 57'

Production date: 1995

[3.1] Pneuma PN-800 [CD] Puentes sobre el Mediterráneo: Dialogo musical de las culturas medievales del Mediterráneo
[5.3]-[5.5] Pneuma PN-370 La llamada de Al-Andalus - The Call of Al-Andalus: Obras maestras de la colección Al-Andalus de Pneuma

This is a prominent and engaging attempt to reconstruct the Andalusí-Magrebi music of the Arabic era in Spain. Of course, beyond its intrinsic musical merits, this is an illustrative repertory with interesting implications for the later Spanish & Provençal repertory.

Although any statements with respect to the "authenticity" of this program may be somewhat dubious, there is actually a huge volume of medieval literature on the subject, led by none other than Abú Bakr Ibn Yahya al-Sâyigh (Zaragoza 1070 - Fez 1138) or "Ibn Báya" of the present ensemble. Fortunately for any project of this sort, medieval Spain was one of the most literary socities around. Beyond the extensive theory, the andalusí lute of the period has been reconstructed from preserved carvings.

Naturally, the most similar music is the contemporary Núba (or "modal suite") music of Morocco. However, the present reconstruction offers some styles and techniques which seem more evocative of other musical approaches of the Islamic world, including that of contemporary Iran (considered by many to be the "least changed" over the years). What is most striking here is that there is no derivative character. The music proceeds in a unified way, with no creeping doubts. It is very confidently laid out, and although not as florid as most contemporary repertories, solidly expressive. In that sense, while any remarks on "authenticity" would be dubious, this reconstruction is believable as a real musical system.

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ISBN: 2-905271-65-5 (Book & CD)

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Una historia de amor y poesia - A story of love and poetry
Eduardo Paniagua / El Arabi Sergheni Ensemble
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Ritual Sufí-Andalusí
Al-Shushtarí (1212-1269)
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Aire de Al-Andalus
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Between Heaven & Earth
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El Manantial de tus ojos
Musica Andalusi
Silsila H`Sine, Salim Fergani
Pneuma 850
Elegy On The Death of Salah Bey
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Ibn Gabirol: Caballero de la palabra
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Cautivo de amor
Muwashshah de El-Andalus en Egipto
Música Antigua - Eduardo Paniagua
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Música clasica de los Reinos de Taifas siglos XI-XII
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10 Festival Internacíonal de Laúd de Tetuán
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Pneuma 1210
Canto Visigótico-mozárabe
Santiago y la Antigua Liturgica Hispania
Música Antigua - Eduardo Paniagua
Pneuma 1270
El poder oculto de la Música Andalusí de Túnez
Eduardo Paniagua et al.
Pneuma 1290
Viaje Interior
Eduardo Paniagua / Said Belcadi
Pneuma 1390

A collection featuring many recordings involving Eduardo Paniagua or the Pneuma label:

La llamada de Al-Andalus
Obras maestras de la colección Al-Andalus de Pneuma
Eduardo Paniagua et al.
Pneuma 370

Moving farther afield in the area of Middle Eastern music, a recording of music from the Ottoman Empire, although associated with EM productions here:

Music of the Ottoman Empire
Hristos Tsiamulis / Dimitris Psonis / Pedro Estevan
Glossa "Nouvelle Vision" 921001

In this case, there are a wide variety of other recordings available, some of impeccable historical lineage. However, they begin to stray rather far from the focus of this site and will not generally be discussed. The Moroccan music in particular, as brought from Spain after the Islamic explusion, is very well-served on disc. There are also numerous examples of other Ottoman or Syraic musics, and all of these tie in at one point with the early history of Western music.

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