Album of beloved Songs

Album of beloved Songs
Alfed Deller, Desmond Dupré
Vanguard "Everyman classics" SRV 141 [LP]


    Ralph Vaughan Williams
  1. Loch lomond

  2. Anon./William Douglas of Fingland (t)
  3. Annie Laurie

  4. Anon.
  5. Sumer is icumen in

  6. Anon., ca 16th-17th c.
  7. The oak and the ash

  8. Anon./Ben Johnson (t)
  9. Drink to me only with thine eyes

  10. Anon., traditional, lyrics 17th c.
  11. Elizabethan popular tune: The Old Year Now (Greensleeves)

  12. Anon., arr. S. Taylor
  13. O Who's Going to Shoe Your Pretty Little Foot

  14. Anon., 17th c.
  15. Pat-a-pan

  16. Johann-Sebastian Bach: The Nottebook for Anna Magdalena Bach, 1725
  17. Bist du bei mir

  18. Joseph Barnby
  19. Sweet and low

  20. George Frideric Handel: Airs from Serse-Opera (1738-London)
  21. Ombra mai fu

  22. Orlando de Lassus: Villanelle, Moresche, et altre canzoni, 1581
  23. Matona mia cara

  24. Thomas Morley: The First Booke of Balletts to Five Voyces, iii (1595)
  25. Now is the month of maying

  26. Arthur Sullivan
  27. The long day closes

Playing time: ??' ??"

Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), Desmond Dupré (lute)

Release date:
various dates

Excerpts from (original releases):
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[14] no trace found, probably previously unreleased

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