Tavern Songs:

Tavern Songs
Catches, Glees and other diverse entertainments of merrie England
Deller Consort - Alfred Deller, dir.
Vanguard (Arcade) Classics "Alfred Deller Edition" 08 5039 71 [CD, Europe]
Vanguard (Arcade) Classics "Alfred Deller Edition" 300 329-2 [CD, France]


    "A choice collection of the most diverting CATCHES, composed by Mr. Henry Purcell"
    Henry Purcell:

  1. Man is for the woman made
  2. Sir Walter
  3. To thee and to the maid
  4. Chiding catch ("Fie, Nay")
  5. Once, twice, thrice
  6. When the cock begins to crow
  7. An epitaph: "Under this stone"

  8. "Love songs, ribald and tender"
    Earl of Mornington:

  9. T'was you, Sir

  10. Jeremy Savile:
  11. Had she not care enough

  12. William Turner:
  13. Young Anthony

  14. Anon.:
  15. Amo, amas, I love a lass

  16. William Cornyshe:
  17. Ah, Robin

  18. William Lawes
  19. Bess black

  20. "Drinking songs and tavern philosophies"

  21. I am athirst

  22. John Eccles:
  23. Wine does wonder

  24. William Cornyshe:
  25. Hoyda, jolly rutterkin

  26. Henry Purcell:
  27. An ape, a lion, a fox and an ass

  28. Anon.:
  29. Troll the bowl

  30. John Travers:
  31. Fair and ugly, false and true

  32. "Two centuries of English life in song"

  33. We be soldiers three

  34. John Bennet:
  35. Hunting madrigal: Lure, falconers, lure!

  36. Henry Lawes: Age of Milton
  37. Sing, fair Clorinda

  38. Benjamin Rogers:
  39. Restoration pastoral: In the merry month of May

  40. Henry Purcell:
  41. Patriotic song: True Englismen

  42. Reginald Spofforth:
  43. 18th century glee club: L'ape e la serpe

  44. "The Pleasures of Drink"
    John Hilton:

  45. Call George again

  46. "Country Side Pleasantries"
    Luffman Atterbury:

  47. As t'other day

  48. "Sophisticated Rake and Innocent Maid"
    Thomas Arne:

  49. The street intrigue

  50. "Strange Sights in the Countryside"
    John Blow:

  51. Batholomew Fair

  52. "Meanwhile at the Tavern"

  53. He that will an alehouse keep

  54. "The hopeless Lover"
    John Blow:

  55. The self banished

  56. "The Wedding Night"

  57. Inigo Jones

  58. "More Drinking"
    Thomas Arne:

  59. Which is the properest day to drink

  60. "Trials of Married Life"
    John Blow:

  61. Galloping Joan

  62. "Spring is Ending"

  63. Sumer is icumen in

  64. "Scenes of Married Life"
    William Boyce:

  65. John Cooper

  66. "The Pleading Lover"
    Henry Lawes:

  67. The captive lovers

  68. "More Scenes of Married Life"
    Henry Purcell:

  69. Young Collin

  70. "To Drink or not to Drink"
    Henry Purcell:

  71. If all be true

  72. "A Child and a Lullaby"
    Joseph Barnby:

  73. Sweet and low

Playing time: 77' 45"

Deller Consort [Alfred Deller (countetenor), Gerald English (tenor), Wilfred Brown (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone), Edgar Fleet (tenor), Owen Grundy (baritone)] - Alfred Deller, dir.

Recording site and date:
[1]-[25] Walthamstow Town Hall, Greater London [1956]
[26]-[40] Unknown [05/1960]

Compilation: The two LPs listed in the excerpts section were also released in a double album using the same numbers.

[1]-[25] Vanguard "The Bach Guild " BG-561 [LP] Tavern Songs Catches and Glees and other diverse entertainment of merrie England.
[26]-[40] Vanguard "The Bach Guild " BG-602 [LP] Tavern Songs Vol. II A collection of catch and glees both ribald and refined
[20], [21], [30] Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-606 [LP] Musical Panorama of Shakespearean England
[40] Vanguard Classics 08 9087 72 [CD] The art of Alfred Deller [European market]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 420-180 (november 1995)
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

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