English Lute Songs

English Lute Songs and Six In Nomines
Alfred Deller, Desmond Dupré; The In Nomine Players
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-576 [LP, mono, NA market]
Amadeo AVRS 6144 [LP, mono, Europe]
Vanguard Classics (Arcade) "The Bach Guild" 08 2038 71 [CD, Europe]
Vanguard Classics "The Bach Guild" 682 425 [CD, France]
Vanguard Classics (Arcade) "The Deller Edition" 08 5095 71 [CD, Europe]


    Francis Pilkington
  1. Rest, sweet Nymph

  2. John Dowland:
  3. What if I never speed

  4. John Bull:
  5. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (à 5)

  6. Thomas Campion:
  7. Care charming sleep

  8. Thomas Tomkins:
  9. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (à 5)

  10. John Dowland:
  11. Shall I sue

  12. Robert White:
  13. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (à 4)

  14. Anon.:
  15. Have you seen but a white lilly

  16. Philip Rosseter:
  17. When Laura smiles

  18. John Dowland:
  19. Come again! Sweet love doth now invite

  20. John Danyel:
  21. Chromatic tunes

  22. Christopher Tye:
  23. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (Trust) (à 5)

  24. Thomas Campion:
  25. Shall I come sweet love to thee

  26. Thomas Morley:
  27. Will ye by a fine dog

  28. Christopher Tye:
  29. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (Crye) (à 5)

  30. John Dowland:
  31. Me, me and none but me
  32. Wilt thou unkind

  33. John Taverner:
  34. Fantasia for viols: In Nomine (à 4)

Playing time: 53' 45"

[1]-[2], [4], [6], [8]-[11], [13]-[14], [16]-[17] Alfred Deller (countertenor), Desmond Dupré (lute).
[3]. [5], [7], [12], [15], [18] In Nomine Players (presumed: Maxwell Ward, Michael Mitchell, Denis Stevens, Desmond Dupré, Dennis Nesbitt, Francis Baines]

Recording site and date:
Unknown [05/1954]

[1]-[2], [4], [6], [8]-[11], [13]-[14], [16]-[17] Musical Concepts MC 193 [CDx7 + CD-ROM] Alfred Deller – The Complete Vanguard Recordings, Volume ONE: Folk Songs and Ballads
[8] Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-606 Musical Panorama of Shakespeare's England [Lp, mono, NA]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.): 415-140 (may 1995 (as Arcade 682 425))
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Comments: Information from CD. This is a rather strange release with a stated recording date (may 1954), a period where Deller recorded:
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-539 Elizabethan and Jacobean Music
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-547 Music of Purcell, Jenkins, and Locke
Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-550 Johann Sebastian Bach Cantatas No 54 / 170 and Mass in B Minor (Agnus Dei)
It could be possibly supplementary material not initially used.

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Pierre-F. Roberge