Michel-Richard de Lalande: De Profundis

Michel Richard de Lalande: De profundis
Psalm 130 for solo voices, chorus, organ and orchestra
H. Sheppard, M. Thomas, A. Deller, R. Tear, M. Bevan, Vienna Chamber Choir, Vienna State Opera Orchestra - Alfred Deller, cond.
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BG-640 [LP, mono, NA]
Vanguard « The Bach Guild » BGS-5052 [LP, stereo, NA]
Amadeo AVRS-6293 [LP, stereo, continental Europe]
Amadeo AVRS-12062 [LP, stereo, continental Europe]
Vanguard « Everyman classics » SRV 296SD [LP]


    Michel-Richard de Lalande: De Profundis
  1. De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
  2. Fiant aures tuae
  3. Si inequitates
  4. Quia apud
  5. Sustinuit anima mea
  6. Speravit anima mea
  7. A custodia matutina
  8. Quia apud Dominum
  9. Et ipse redime Israel – Requiem – Et lux perpetua

Playing time: 34' 43"

The Deller Consort
Mary Thomas (soprano): [2], [4]-[5?]-[7], [9]
Honor Sheppard (soprano): [2], [4]-[5?]-[7], [9]
Alfred Deller (counter-tenor): [2], [4], [7], [9]
Robert Tear (tenor): [2], [6]-[9]
Maurice Bevan (baritone): [1], [3]-[4], [7], [9]
The Vienna Chamber Choir (Wiener Kammerchor)
Dr. Hans Gillesberger (chorus master)
Chamber Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera (Kammerorchester der Wiener Staatsopera)
Franz Opalensky (flute): [8]
Manfred Kautzky (oboe): [5]
Herbert Tachezi (organ): [3]-[5], [8]
Alfred Deller, dir.

Recording site and date:
Baumgartner Hall, Vienna, Austria [06/1962]

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