de Lalande & Blow

Michel-Richard de Lalande: De Profundis & John Blow: Ode on the death of Henry Purcell
The Deller Consort, The Vienna Chamber Choir, Chamber Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera - Alfred Deller, dir.; Alfred Deller & John Whitworth with early instruments
Omega Vanguard Classics "Alfred Deller Edition" OVC 8108 [CD, NA market]


    Michel-Richard de Lalande: De Profundis
  1. De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
  2. Fiant aures tuae
  3. Si inequitates
  4. Quia apud
  5. Sustinuit anima mea
  6. Sustinuit anima mea
  7. A custodia matutina
  8. Quia apud Dominum
  9. Et ipse redimet Israel - Requiem - Et lux perpetua

  10. John Blow: Ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell
  11. Mark how the lark and linnet sing
  12. But in the close of night
  13. So ceas'd the rival crew
  14. We beg not Hell
  15. The pow'r of harmony too well they knew
  16. The heaven'ly choir
  17. Ye brethren of the lyre

Playing time: 57' 51"

[1]-[9] The Deller Consort [Mary Thomas (soprano), Honor Sheppard (soprano),Robert Tear (tenor), Maurice Bevan (baritone)], The Vienna Chamber Choir [Dr. Hans Gillesberger (chorus master)], Chamber Orchestra of the Vienna State Opera [Franz Opalensky (flute), Manfred Kautzky (oboe), Herbert Tachezi (organ)] - Alfred Deller, dir.
[10]-[16] Alfred Deller (counter-tenor), John Whitworth (counter-tenor), Christopher Taylor (recorder), Richard Taylor (recorder), Walter Bergmann (harpsichord), Anne Shuttleworth (cello)

Recording site and date:
[1]-[9] Baumgartner Hall, Vienna, Austria [06/1962]
[10]-[16] Walthamstow Hall, London, England [06/1959]

Re-issue: none

Compilation: none

Other releases (excerpts):
33 r.p.m.:
[1]-[9] Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-640/BGS-5052 or Amadeo AVRS 6293 Michel de Lalande De Profundis; later it was also released as Vanguard SRV 296.
[10]-[16] Vanguard "The Bach Guild" BG-590/BGS-5015 Henry Purcell: Ode for Saint Cecilia's Day & John Blow: Ode.
[1]-[9] Vanguard Classics 08 5058 71 Michel-Richard de Lalande - De Profundis & Music of Medieval France.
[10]-[16] Vanguard Classics 08 5044 71 John Blow - Ode on the death of Mr. Henry Purcell.

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Comments: This CD just reappeared in the north american catalogue (sept.1997) after being "no longer available" for more than 30 years.

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