Banquet du Voeu

Le Banquet du Voeu, 1454
Music at the Court of Burgundy
Ensemble Gilles Binchois - Dominique Vellard
Virgin Classics 91441
Virgin Veritas 59043

Reissued in Virgin Veritas 45337 (2 CDs) & Virgin Veritas 61818 (2 CDs)


  1. Vide: Et c'est assez (shawm, bagpipes)
  2. Binchois?: Adieu ma tres belle maistresse (voice, harp)
  3. Anon: Une foys avant que morir (recorder, harp, vielle, lute)
  4. Wilhelmus Legrant (organ)
  5. Dufay: Ave regina celorum (3 voices)
  6. Anon: Au chant de l'alowette (bagpipes)
  7. Binchois: Je ne vis onques la pareille (2 voices)
  8. Frye: Ave regina celorum (3 recorders)
  9. Binchois: Vostre tres doulx regart (voice, harp)
  10. Binchois: Gloria, laus et honor (4 voices)
  11. Grenon: Je ne requier de ma dame (2 recorders)
  12. Dufay: Je me complains pitieusement (3 voices)
  13. Anon: Ellend du hast (organ)
  14. Binchois: untexted chanson (3 vielles)
  15. Fontaine: Pour vous tenir (2 voices, recorder, 2 vielles, lute)
  16. Anon: Du cuer je soupire (2 recorders)
  17. Binchois: Seule esgaree (2 voices, vielle)
  18. Anon: Venise (recorder, harp)
  19. Vide: Il m'est si grief (2 voices, vielle)
  20. Anon: Preambulum super re (organ)
  21. Binchois: Deo gracias (4 voices)

Performers: Anne-Marie Lablaude (voice), Brigitte Lesne (voice, harp), Catherine Joussellin (voice, vielle), Akira Tachikawa (voice), Emmanuel Bonnardot (voice, vielle), Dominique Vellard (voice, lute), Philippe Balloy (voice), Pierre Hamon (recorder, bagpipe), Pierre Boragno (recorder), Randall Cook (vielle, recorder, shawm), Georges Lartigau (organ)

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: December 1989

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 15/2- (Nov/Dec 1991)

The Feast of the Pheasant (Banquet du Voeu) was a famous dinner given by Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy in 1454 in preparation for another crusade (which never happened). The feast incorporated music, and a few of the selections above are known to have been specifically performed there. This recording presents a wonderful introduction to the music of the time.

Along with several of the impressive songs of this era, this program includes various pieces in other genres, including brief sacred pieces and lighter items.

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