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Where can I find out more?

Besides the topics here and those listed elsewhere in the FAQ, there are of course links to other Internet sites which may be helpful.

Beyond this, more intricate or personal questions are frequently best-served by inquiring on our related discussion forum. The forum consists of many people at various levels of knowledge, from casual enthusiasts to professionals, who are happy to answer and give feedback on various inquiries.

There are of course many books on the subjects, and these are not generally online. While Internet users sometimes show a reluctance to get a book, the simple truth is that there is still more information in your local library than there is online. The standard general reference, one which will answer the basic questions most readers have, is the New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians, edited by Stanley Sadie. It is available in nearly every local library.

If you need some other help, please feel free to inquire with the FAQ authors as appropriate.

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