Gibbons: Music for Harpsichord & Virginals

Gibbons: Music for Harpsichord & Virginals
James Johnstone
AS&V "Gaudeamus" 191

After Byrd, Gibbons is the composer in this style whose music offers the most to me. His works can be quite sublime & understated, expressed in carefully chiseled miniatures. This is now easily the best Gibbons program on disc, illustrating pieces in each genre. It would be nice to have a second volume to complete the oeuvre.

The performance is sensitive and idiomatic, easily likeable. As in Moroney's work, there is an emphasis on singable phrases in each voice, and not the sort of heavy-handed chordal approach which can arise from performers who are more comfortable with later music. This is a very nice achievement, and quite welcome in this program.

This recording continues to be quite enjoyable, and it is notable/strange that I seem to be the only one who has lauded it.

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Todd M. McComb