Marini: Opus 1

Marini: Affetti musicali
Il Viaggio Musicale
Chandos Chaconne 0660

Among the early Italian violin sonata composers, I find Marini the most compelling. His music can be both engaging and evocative. It starts to be fully Baroque in style, so can be a bit light-weight & dance-oriented, but still has enough substance by way of "affect" to be compelling.

The present program consists of Marini's first publication, devoted entirely to instrumental music, and provides an array of "ground bass" treatments. It includes some very interesting music, but can be uneven at times. I start to have a personal affection for several of the dances, however, and so the program has become something of a favorite.

The present rendition shows a real command of the various forms Marini employs here, as well as their position on the cusp of the Baroque era. The earlier recording of this publication (which is blessed to have two of some quality) has definite merits in its buoyancy, but tends to anticipate the later treble-dominated style more. Here the lower parts come through more clearly, and the whole production is delivered with greater authority.

This ensemble continues to impress, especially since I did really enjoy the Conserto Vago recording. The program itself still doesn't have the range of Marini's later music, but is an intriguing transitional style.

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Todd M. McComb