Machaut: Songs from Le voir dit

Songs from Le voir dit
The Machaut Edition
Orlando Consort
Hyperion 67727

This is a quality all-vocal performance of some of Machaut's finest music, from his collection Le voir dit written in the 1360s.

The interpretation is fairly typical of the English style, with voices used for all parts and no doubling or accompaniment. (It does use a new Machaut Edition that is pending.) The Orlando Consort have recorded a number of Machaut songs over the years, including a full album back in 1997, so their experience is evident, although the quartet has changed somewhat.

It remains to be seen what else will appear in this series, if it indeed becomes a series of Machaut on Hyperion. This recording might take on a greater importance as the beginning of a series, but for now, I am rating it on its own.

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Todd M. McComb