Gibbons: Music for Viols

Gibbons: Music for Viols
Concordia - Mark Levy
v. 1 - Metronome 1033
v. 2 - Metronome 1039

This is some of my favorite music, finally collected in a convenient set.

While the performances are good, they are not quite as good as some of the best consort recitals appearing today, such as those by Fretwork & Phantasm. Although it lacks some of the vigor & conviction of those performances, the playing here is skillful and has its own merits. There is no better overall Gibbons consort performance on disc (Fretwork's own Gibbons effort of 12 years ago pales next to more recent efforts, and Phantasm has surveyed only part of this music), and the systematic survey here makes this set a fairly easy choice.

Still, this entry seems to be begging for an update.

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Todd M. McComb