Gibbons: Music for Viols, Volume 1

Gibbons: Royal Fantasies
Music for Viols, Volume 1
Concordia - Mark Levy
Metronome 1033


  1. In Nomine a5 No. 1
  2. In Nomine a5 No. 2
  3. In Nomine a5 No. 3

  4. Fantasies of three parts (London, 1621)
  5. Fantazia a3 No. 1
  6. Fantazia a3 No. 2
  7. Fantazia a3 No. 3
  8. Fantazia a3 No. 4
  9. Fantazia a3 No. 5
  10. Fantazia a3 No. 6
  11. Fantazia a3 No. 7
  12. Fantazia a3 No. 8
  13. Fantazia a3 No. 9

  14. Music with the Great Dooble Base
  15. Fantazia a4 No. 1
  16. Fantazia a4 No. 2

  18. In Nomine a4

  19. Music with the Great Dooble Base
  20. Fantazia a3 No. 1
  21. Fantazia a3 No. 2
  22. Galliard

  24. Pavan De Le Roye

  25. Music with the Great Dooble Base
  26. Fantazia a3 No. 3
  27. Fantazia a3 No. 4

Performers: Mark Levy (treble viol), Joanna Levine (treble & great bass viol), Emilia Benjamin (tenor viol), Daniel Yeadon (tenor & bass viol), Alison McGillivray (bass viol), Gary Cooper (harpsichord)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: September 1998 (Gloucestershire)

A systematic survey of Gibbons' consort music is very welcome.

The present program focuses on the 3-voice published fantasias (tracks 4-12), and even suggests they might all be variations on the same theme.

Track 19 (in five parts) was reconstructed by Mark Levy, and is also a questionable attribution.

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