North India: Vocal Music, Dhrupad & Khayal
Ustad Nasir Mohinuddin Dagar & Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar
w/ Raja Chhatrapati Singh (pakhawaj)
Robin Kumar Chatterjee w/ Nazir Ahmad (sarangi), Kedarnath Bhatt (tabla)
Ragas Kambhoji & Malkosh
Naïve Unesco (Anthology of Traditional Musics) D 8076


  1. Dhrupad: Raga Kambhoji - Alap & Dhrupad "Manusha ho to vohi" (29'35)
  2. Khyal: Raga Malkosh - Bara Khyal, Eka tala "Sajana aye mere dware" & Chhota Khyal, Tintala "Kaisi lagana lagai Balama" (22'51)

Playing time: 52'34"

Recording dates: 1965 & 1971; Reissued on CD: 1998

Tanpuras by: Suraya Dagar & P. S. Rajvedi, respectively

This is the first CD release featuring an extended performance by the "elder Dagar brothers" Nasir Mohinuddin Dagar (1920-1967) & Nasir Aminuddin Dagar (1923-2000), so it is valuable. Curiously, little is said about their careers. Of course, they were the ones to establish dhrupad on the international stage, and a wide range of recordings were actually made.

Comparing this performance to the later recording by the younger Dagar brothers in the same raga is quite worthwhile.

Robin Kumar Chatterjee (b.1942) was a student of Amir Khan and is a khayal singer. No disparaging marks are implied, but this citation exists because of the Dagar Brothers.

The combination of performers, as well as the short duration, of this archival release is curious. A full recording devoted to the Elder Dagar Brothers has now appeared.

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T. M. McComb