Magnificentia Iberica

Magnificentia Iberica - Music of Medieval Spain
Florata - Tim Rayborn
AS&V Gaudeamus 144


  1. A que faz os peccadores (Cantiga #234) 4:38 a,b,d,e,i
  2. Splendens ceptigera (Llibre Vermell) 2:19 b,f,i
  3. Com'a grande enfirmidade (Cantiga #346) 7:27 a,c,h,i
  4. Miragres fremosos (Estampie on Cantiga #37, arr. T. Rayborn) 4:09 b,e,i
  5. Ben pode Santa Maria (Cantiga #362) 8:52 b,d,g,k
  6. Annua Gaudia (Codex Calixtinus) 2:54 a,d
  7. El Rey de Francia (Traditional melody of the Sephardic Jews) 4:31 a,b,f
  8. Des oge mais (cantiga #1) 2:12 b,e,i
  9. Los set gotxs recomptarem (Llibre Vermell) b,f,i
    Estampie on Los set, arr. T. Rayborn 3:54 b,e,i
  10. Nenbre sse te Madre (Cantiga for the Feasts of Mary #11) 2:33 d
  11. In sapiencia disponens (Las Huelgas Codex) 6:48 a,i
  12. Three traditional Andalusian melodies (based on North African Noubas, arr. Florata) 6:47 b,e,g,j
  13. Inperayritz/Verges se par (Llibre Vermell) 3:04 a,d
  14. Tanto son da groriosa (Cantiga #48) 6:32 a,b,d,e,i


Rachel Segal - voice (a)
Rebecca Davies - recorder (b), voice (c)
Tim Rayborn - voice (d), percussion (e), psaltery (f), 'ud (g), harp (h)
Nicholas Meredith - medieval fiddle (i), rebec (j), voice (k)

Total time = 67:11

Recording date: February-April 1995

Information from Tim Rayborn.

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