Seville Cathedral c.1470-1550

Ave Maris Stella
Music to the Blessed Virgin from Seville Cathedral (c.1470-1550)
Orchestra of the Renaissance - Richard Cheetham
Almaviva 0115


  1. Escobar: Ave Maris Stella
  2. Morales: Kyrie de la Misa De Beata Virgine
  3. Rodrigo de Ceballos (c.1530-1581): Virgo Dei Genetrix (instrumental)
  4. Peñalosa: Ave Regina Caelorum
  5. Peñalosa: Sancta Mater, istud agas
  6. Morales: Gloria de la Misa De Beata Virgine
  7. Morales: Virgo María
  8. Fernando Pérez de Medina (fl.c.1479): Salve Regina
  9. Palero: Ave Maris Stella (instrumental)
  10. Peñalosa: O Domina Sanctissima (instrumental)
  11. Morales: Credo de la Misa De Beata Virgine
  12. Anon: Ay, Santa María
  13. Morales: Agnus de la Misa Ave María (instrumental)
  14. Morales: Sanctus de la Misa De Beata Virgine
  15. Morales: Exaltata est
  16. Morales: Agnus Dei de la Misa De Beata Virgine
  17. Anon: Salve Regina (instrumental)

Performers: Luiz Alves da Silva (countertenor), Josep Cabré (bass), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornet), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp), Jean Louis Commoretto (countertenor), Simon Berridge (tenor), Simon Davies (tenor), Henry Wickham (baritone), Charles Gibbs (bass), Beatrice Delpierre (dulcian, shawm), William Lyons (dulcian, shawm, recorder), Francis Mercet (dulcian, shawm), Richard Cheetham (sackbut), Patrick Jackman (sackbut), Timothy Roberts (organ), Christopher Wilson (vihuela), Susanna Pell (viol)

Playing time: 78'

Recording date: January 1994

The material for this recording is taken from the repertory of Seville Cathedral in the decades around 1500. It includes the complete Misa De Beata Virgine of Cristóbal de Morales (c.1500-1553) along with several motets by Spanish composers of the early 16th century. Instruments are used extensively, in keeping with the emerging evidence from Spanish sources. The liner notes are especially informative regarding the period.

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Also featured in the present recording, Francisco de Peñalosa (c.1470-1528) was the most prominent Spanish composer in the generation that brought the style of Josquin to Spain. He is in fact called the "inventor of music" in some hagiographies of the period. A recording devoted entirely to Peñalosa:

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It is this style of Peñalosa & Escobar which Morales develops into a more thoroughly Spanish one.

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Finally, another recording of the present mass:

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