Hildegard - Canticles of Ecstasy

Hildegard von Bingen
Gesänge der Ekstase - Canticles of Ecstasy
Sequentia - Barbara Thornton, dir.
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG) 05472 77320 2 [CD]
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (BMG-France) 05472 7755 2 [CD]
BMG Japan BVCD-38170 [CD]


  1. Responsorium: O vis aeternitatis (voice, chorus, 2 fiddles, organistrum)
  2. Antiphon: Nunc aperuit nobis (2 voices, chorus)
  3. Antiphon: Quia ergo femina mortem instruxit (voice)
  4. Antiphon: Cum processit factura digiti Dei (voice, chorus, 2 fiddles)
  5. Marian Antiphon (10th century): Alma redemptoris Mater (chorus)
  6. Responsorium: Ave Maria, O auctrix vite (voice, chorus, 2 fiddles)
  7. Antiphon: Spiritus Sanctus vivificans vite (voice)
  8. Sequence: O ignis spiritus Paracliti (voice, chorus)
  9. Antiphon: Caritas habundat in omnia (chorus)
  10. Alleluia-Antiphon: O virga mediatrix (voice, harp)
  11. Song: O viridissima virga, Ave (chorus)
  12. Instrumental (2 fiddles, harp)
  13. Prayer: O Pastor Animarum (voice)
  14. Responsorium: O tu suavissima virga (voice, fiddle, chorus)
  15. Antiphon: O choruscans stellarum (voice)
  16. Responsorium: O nobilissima viriditas (solo voice, 2 voices, chorus)

Source (music):
Rupertsberger "Riesencodex" (1180-1190), Wiesbaden, Hessische Landesbibliothek, Ms. 2 f. 466ff.

Sequentia, Ensemble für Musik des Mittelalters
Barbara Thornton (voice), Gundula Anders (voice), Pamela Dellal (voice), Elizabeth Glen (voice), Heather Knutson (voice), Laurie Monahan (voice), Susanne Norin (voice), Janet Youngdahl (voice), Elizabeth Gaver (medieval fiddle), Elisabetta de Mircovich (medieval fiddle); Benjamin Bagby (medieval harp, organistrum)
Barbara Thornton, dir.

Playing time: 73'

Recording site and date:
St. Pantaleon (at the sarcophag of the Empress Theophanu), Köln [6/1993];
Rel.: 1994

[1] Virgin 841619 2 7 [CD] Atmosphere - les musiques d'une nouvelle &egtave;re
[4], [12] RCA "Red Seals" 82876 60986 2 [CDx4] Trésors - Moyen-Âge

The present recording is the first in Sequentia's renewed series of Hildegard's complete output. It includes a broad range of genre, including one improvised instrumental piece based upon motives in the compositions.

A packaging of many of Sequentia's Hildegard recordings, including nearly the complete works:

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Other items from this set are available separately, as noted. For many more Hildegard recordings, see the complete discography.

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Peter Abelard may be the single most famous musical-literary figure of the period, while the latter two recordings focus on music by abbots, in analogy to Hildegard. The latter is actually part of a sacred-secular cycle, perhaps more akin to troubadour music.

Finally, a recording of somewhat later German songs devoted to "Celestial Woman" in the minnesang tradition:

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