Neo-Medieval - Medieval improvisations for a Postmodern Age
Dorian Discovery DIS-80155


    Anon., 14th c., England:
  1. Estampie

  2. Anon., 14th c., Italy:
  3. Istampita Manfredina
  4. Chançoneta tedescha

  5. Guillaume de Machaut:
  6. Ay mi!

  7. Anon., 14th c., England:
  8. Kyrie Cuthberte

  9. Anon. 14th c., Italy:
  10. Istampita chominciamento di gioia

  11. Anon. 13th c., England:
  12. Brid one brere
  13. With ryght all my hert

  14. Anon. 14th c., Italy:
  15. Istampita Isabella

  16. Guillaume de Machaut:
  17. Dame, vostre doulz viaire
  18. Se d'amer

  19. Johannes Ciconia:
  20. Una panthera

  21. Guillaume de Machaut:
  22. Dame, se vous m'estes
  23. Comment qu'a moi

  24. Jacob de Senleches:
  25. En attendant esperance

  26. Anon., 13th c., France:
  27. Pucelette

  28. Adam de la Halle:
  29. Tant que je vivrai

  30. Johannes Ciconia:
  31. O Padua

  32. Anon., 13th c., France:
  33. Crucifigat omnes

  34. Anon., 14th c., France:
  35. De ce que foul pense

  36. Jehannot de Lescurel:
  37. Gracieusette

  38. Anon., 14th c., Italy:
  39. Saltarello

Playing time: 73' 20"

Performers: Hesperus [Tina Chancey (vielle, rebec, kamenj, lyra, recorder), Grant Herreid (lute, saz, psaltery, recorders), Scott Reiss (recorders, hammered dulcimer, dombek, nakara)]

Recording site and date:
St. John's Episcopal Church, Ellicott City, Maryland, USA [08/1996]

Reviewed in:
Diapason (#-p.):
Gramophone (Vol./#-p.):
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.):

Comments: Although issued before, it is their second recording for Dorian (to the best of my knowledge). Performers are or were members of the Folger Consort. Essentialy instrumental in an anti-HIP context. A very pleasing experience.

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