Cathedral Music by William Mundy

Cathedral Music by William Mundy
The Sixteen - Harry Christophers
Hyperion 66319
Hyperion "Helios" 55086


  1. O Lord, the maker of all things
  2. Videte miraculum
  3. Sive vigilem
  4. Ah, helpless wretch
  5. Vox patris caelestis
  6. Kyrie
  7. O Lord, the world's saviour
  8. Magnificat
  9. Nunc dimittis
  10. The secret sins
  11. Beatus et sanctus
  12. Adolescentulus sum ergo

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: August 1988

Performers: Ruth Dean, Mary Seers, Sally Dunkley, Patricia Forbes, Robin Barda, Andrew Giles, Peter Hayward, Christopher Royall, Paul Agnew, Neil Mackenzie, Mark Padmore, Nicolas Robertson, Simon Birchall, Chistropher Hodges, Francis Steele, Jeremy White, Paul Nicholson (organ)

William Mundy is a relatively obscure figure in the generation between Tallis and Byrd. However, this recording presents many interesting features: pieces in the contemporary style of Byrd's Cantiones Sacrae, elaborate pieces in the older style of Taverner, and a few short verse anthems heralding Gibbons. The organ appears on two tracks.

Another recording featuring Mundy:

Tye / Mundy: Sacred Music
Oxford Camerata - Jeremy Summerly
Naxos 8.550937

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