Musica Vaticana

Musica Vaticana
Music from the Vatican Manuscripts (1503-1534)
Pomerium - Alexander Blachly
Glissando 001


  1. Anon., plainchant (MS 4, fol. 4r. "Antiphoner Clement VII"): Rex pacificus (antiphon)
  2. Josquin (MS 16, fol. 156'-161): Benedicta es, celorum regina à 6
  3. Andreas de Silva (c.1475-c.1530; MS 24, fol. 143'-146): Omnis pulchritudo domini à 5
  4. Mouton (MS 26, fol. 151'): Tua est potentia à 5
  5. Elzéar Genet (c.1470-1548; MS 163, fol. 8'-14): Lamentatio Jeremie in cena domini à 4
  6. Festa (MS 46, fol. 135'-138): Inviolata, integra et casta à 8
  7. Willaert (MS 46, fol. 43'-46): Enixa est puerpera à 6
  8. Josquin (MS 16, fol. 170'-174): Virgo salutiferi à 5
  9. Festa (MS 20, fol. 92'-95): Pater noster / Ave Maria à 6
  10. Festa (MS 18, fol. 3'-6): Conditor alme siderum à 5

Performers: Michèle Eaton (soprano), Elizabeth Farnum (soprano), Alessandra Visconti (soprano), Marcia Young (soprano), Johnson Flucker (countertenor), Drew Minter (countertenor), Thom Baker (tenor), Gregory Carder (tenor), Neil Farrell (tenor), Michael Steinberger (tenor), Mark Duer (bass), Jeffrey Johnson (bass), Kurt-Owen Richards (bass), Peter Stewart (bass)

Playing time: 67'

Recording date: June 1998 (Regensburg)

This program is taken from the Sistine Chapel manuscripts of the first third of the 16th century. This was perhaps the most elaborate period in the history of the Vatican and the Papacy, and the grandiosity of the works reflects that accordingly. Frequent comparison is made to Michelangelo, for instance, in the discussion accompanying the present program.

The Lamentations setting of Genet (called "Carpentras") was some of the most ubiquitous Vatican music of the period, performed for every Holy Week until 1587. The work of Festa is also connected especially strongly to the Vatican, and of course Josquin Desprez was the most-represented composer in polyphony manuscripts of the period. The program as a whole represents some of the variety available, including noted composers Mouton and Willaert.

This is an extremely impressive production to inaugurate the Glissando label, done in conjunction with a German exhibition on culture in the Vatican during these years. The quality of the paper, the engineering and the graphic design are among the best available.

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