Music for the Lion-Hearted King

Music for the Lion-Hearted King
Gothic Voices - Christopher Page
Hyperion 66336
Helios 55292


  1. Mundus vergens (4 voices)
  2. Novus miles sequitur (3 voices)
  3. Gace Brulé: A la douçour de la bele seson (voice)
  4. Sol sub nube latuit (2 voices)
  5. Hac in anni ianua (3 voices)
  6. Anglia, planctus itera (voice)
  7. Etas auri reditur (2 voices)
  8. Vetus abit littera (4 voices)
  9. In occasu sideris (2 voices)
  10. Blondel de Nesle: L'amours dont sui espris (voice)
  11. Purgator criminum (3 voices)
  12. Chastelain de Couci: Li nouviauz tanz (voice)
  13. Pange melos lacrimosum (2 voices)
  14. Blondel de Nesle: Ma joie me semont (voice)
  15. Ver pacis apperit (2 voices)
  16. Latex silice (4 voices)

Performers: Margaret Philpot, Rogers Covey-Crump, John Mark Ainsley, Leigh Nixon

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: November 1988

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.): 31/5-112 (May/June 2008)

The disc is sub-titled: "Music to Commemorate the Eighth Centenary of the Coronation of King Richard I of England in Westminster Abbey, 3 September 1189." The program is mainly from France c.1200, and includes both sacred and secular selections.

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