John Dunstaple - Musician to the Plantagenets

John Dunstaple
Musician to the Plantagenets
Orlando Consort
Metronome 1009


  1. Antiphon: Descendi in ortum meum (à 4)
  2. Hymn: Ave maris stella (à 3)
  3. Gloria (canon à 5)
  4. Antiphon: Speciosa facta es (à 3)
  5. Antiphon: Sub tuam protectionem (à 3)
  6. Isorhythmic motet: Veni Sancte Spiritus (à 4)
  7. Isorhythmic motet: Albanus roseo rutilat (à 3)
  8. Isorhythmic motet: Specialis Virgo (à 3)
  9. Isorhythmic motet: Preco preheminencie (à 4)
  10. Antiphon: O crux gloriosa (à 3)
  11. Antiphon: Salve Regina, Mater mire (à 3)

  12. Missa Rex seculorum (à 3)
  13. Gloria
  14. Credo
  15. Sanctus
  16. Agnus dei

Performers: Robert Harre Jones (countertenor), Charles Daniels (tenor), Angus Smith (tenor), Don Grieg (bass), Simon Berridge (tenor), Steven Harrold (tenor)

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: February 1995

According to more recent scholarship, the spelling "Dunstaple" is more likely to be the composer's own; however one still finds "Dunstable" in most modern sources.

The Missa Rex seculorum, as opposed to later English practice, also included a Kyrie movement which only partially survives. It is presently unknown whether this mass is actually by Dunstable or by Leonel Power. Either way, English composers were the first to begin writing cantus firmus masses.

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