English Organ

Early English Organ Music, Volume 2
Joseph Payne
Naxos 8.550719


  1. Tallis: Remember not, O Lord
  2. John Redford: Christe qui lux with a meane
  3. William Shelbye: Miserere
  4. Redford: Veni redemptor
  5. Redford: Versus
  6. Redford: Tu ad liberandum
  7. Redford: Salvator with a meane
  8. William Blitheman: Christe redemptor omnium
  9. Tye: When that the fifty day was come
  10. Bull: Prelude
  11. Bull: Fantasy
  12. Bull: In Nomine
  13. Bull: In Nomine
  14. Robert Johnson: Alman
  15. Gibbons: A Ground
  16. Gibbons: Pavan
  17. Gibbons: Fantasia for Double Organ
  18. Byrd: Fantasia
  19. Byrd: Miserere
  20. John Stanley: Voluntary in A Minor
  21. John Nares: Voluntary & Fugue in A Minor
  22. Samuel Wesley: Short Piece in G
  23. Samuel Wesley: Short Piece in F
  24. Samuel Wesley: Short Piece in F
  25. Samuel Wesley: Short Piece in D

Playing time: 60'

Recording dates: February 1987 (tracks #1-9), November 1989 (tracks #10-18), March 1992 (tracks 19-25)

The first nine tracks come from the Mulliner Book (c.1560) and are thus some of Europe's oldest organ music. The remainder is more ordinary.

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Joseph Payne
Naxos 8.550718

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