Gibbons: Anthems

Gibbons: Choral and Organ Music
Oxford Camerata - Jeremy Summerly
Naxos 8.553130


  1. O clap your hands
  2. Great Lord of Lords
  3. Hosanna to the son of David
  4. Prelude in G Major (organ)
  5. Out of the deep
  6. See, see, the word is incarnate
  7. Prelude in D minor (organ)
  8. Lift up your heads
  9. Almightly and everlasting God
  10. Magnificat (2nd Service)
  11. Nunc dimittis (2nd Service)
  12. Fantazia of four parts (organ)
  13. Magnificat (Short Service)
  14. Nunc dimittis (Short Service)
  15. O God, the king of glory
  16. O Lord, in thy wrath

Performers: Carys-Anne Lane, Lisa Beckley, Robin Blaze, Andrew Carwood, Julian Smallbones, Robert Evans, Rebecca Outram, Deborah MacKay, Michael Lees, Steven Harrold, Jonathan Arnold, Michael McCarthy, Laurence Cummings (organ)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: July 1994

Gibbons' generation was the first to grow up entirely in the new era of English liturgical music. As such, his music does not show throwbacks to the older Latin style, but rather rests entirely on clear syllabic settings. Gibbons' control of harmonic momentum really sets him apart from his contemporaries. Although this style had a relatively brief life, Gibbons was undoubtedly its finest exponent.

This is a recording by a fairly small choir, supported by organ. The selection is representative of Gibbons' sacred output as a whole. The instrumental support was actually scored by Gibbons in his verse anthems, although there is a choice available (depending on source) between using organ or viols.

Along with an assortment of anthems, Gibbons wrote two services for the Anglican ritual. These are the "Short Service" and the "2nd Service"; the present recording includes the Magnificat/Nunc dimiittis pair from each of these.

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