Frescobaldi harpsichord

Frescobaldi: Works for Harpsichord
Gustav Leonhardt
Philips 432 128


  1. Toccata decima (1615)
  2. Toccata undecima (1615)
  3. Recercar nono, con quattro soggetti (1615)
  4. Canzona quarta (1627)
  5. Canzon terza, detta la Crivelli (1645)
  6. Partite sopra Folia (1615)
  7. Capriccio di durezze (1624)
  8. Toccata settima (1615)
  9. Capriccio sopra un soggetto (1624)
  10. Fantasia terza, sopra un soggetto solo (1608)
  11. Toccata seconda (1627)
  12. Balletto I, corrente e passacagli (1637)
  13. Balletti II e corrente (1637)
  14. Fantasia nona, sopra trè soggetti (1608)
  15. Toccata decima (1627)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: September 1990

Instrument: Harpsichord, Bom (1987)

Frescobaldi holds an easy pre-eminence among Italian keyboard composers of the period. He was able to combine the disparate styles of Northern & Southern Italy into a unified idiom. To this he added a formal invigoration based upon new rhythmic & harmonic ideas.

Even though there was a great deal of keyboard music composed in Italy prior to Frescobaldi, he is often taken as the beginning of an era, for he was the first to have a large influence throughout Europe. Although criticized for his poor literary training, no one was able to criticize his keyboard virtuosity.

The present performance includes a broad range of Frescobaldi's work, including the less-known Fantasias (showing a Renaissance idiom). His toccatas & capriccios are generally his best-known works.

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