Sonatas & Canzonas

Sonatas / Canzonas
Baroque Chamber Music - Purcell / Turini / Merula
Quadro Hotteterre
Philips 442 782


  1. Falconieri: Tiple a 3 detta La Mirándola
  2. Falconieri: Sinfonia quarta
  3. Henry Butler (d.1652): Canciona dicha La presiosa con su Gallarda
  4. Falconieri: Passacalle
  5. Purcell: Sonata V, Z. 794
  6. Turini: Sonata a tre "È tanto tempo hormai"
  7. Turini: Sonata a tre, Secondo tuono
  8. Turini: Sonata a tre "Il Corisino"
  9. Purcell: Sonata IV, Z. 805
  10. Merula: Sonata cromatica
  11. Merula: Ballo detto Gennaro
  12. Merula: Ballo detto Eccardo
  13. Merula: Chiacona
  14. Purcell: Sonata VI "Chaconna", Z. 807
  15. Castello: Sonata nona

Performers: Kees Boeke (recorder), Walter van Hauwe (recorder), Glen Wilson (harpsichord, organ), Wouter Möller (cello)

Playing time: 72'

Recording date: March 1998 (Haarlem, Netherlands)

This recording focuses primarily on the 3-voice disposition which was to become the standard of the next generations. The recorder transcriptions of the Purcell were performed by Kees Boeke, while the other works accommodate these instruments already. However, the recorder was not especially popular in Italy during the period, with the possible exception of some interest by Merula.

Publications are Falconieri's Il primo libro di canzone (Naples, 1650) which also includes Butler's work, Purcell's Sonnata's of III Parts (London, 1683), Turini's Madrigali a 1, 2 e 3 voci (Venice, 1621), Merula's Canzoni overo Sonate concertante (Venice, 1637), Castello's Sonate concertate in stil moderno, Libro primo (Venice, 1621), as well as Purcell's misnamed "Four Part" Sonatas in manuscript.

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