English madrigals

English Madrigals
Quink Vocal Ensemble
Telarc 80328


    Thomas Morley (1557/8-1602)
  1. Now is the month of Maying
  2. Farewell, disdainful
  3. No, no, Nigella

  4. Francis Pilkington (c.1570-1638)
  5. Why should I grieve?
  6. Sweet Phyllida

  7. Thomas Tomkins (1572-1656)
  8. Phyllis, now cease to move me
  9. Too much I once lamented

  10. Thomas Bateson (c.1570-1630)
  11. Those sweet delightful lillies
  12. Phyllis, farewell

  13. William Byrd (1543-1623)
  14. Come to me grief, forever
  15. Come, woeful Orpheus

  16. John Farmer (fl.1591-1601)
  17. Fair Phyllis I saw

  18. John Wilbye (1574-1638)
  19. Weep, weep, mine eyes
  20. I fall, I fall, O stay me
  21. And though my love abounding
  22. Adieu, sweet Amaryllis

  23. Thomas Weelkes (1576-1623)
  24. The nightingale, the organ of delight
  25. Hark, all ye lovely saints

Performers: Machteld van Woerden (soprano), Marjolein Koetsier (soprano), Corrie Pronk (alto), Harry van Berne (tenor), Kees-Jan de Koning (bass)

Playing time: 63'

Recording date: December 1991 & January 1992

This collection features the major English madrigal composers in lively and articulate performances.

Morley was the leading English madrigal composer, the man who almost single-handedly established the genre. A dedicated recording:

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A recording devoted to an anthology published by Morley in 1601, but featuring a variety of composers:

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The other two most important composers in this genre were Weelkes & Wilbye. Two dedicated recordings:

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Wilbye: Madrigals
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L'Oiseau Lyre 597 (LP)

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