Johannes Regis (c.1425-1496) - A discography

This discography is presently in a preliminary state. It is believed to contain a substantial percentage of an eventual full listing, but has not been scoured for completeness or organized into sections based on individual works. It should prove informative nonetheless.

Discographic material below has been collected to this stage with substantial help from Pierre-F. Roberge.

Todd M. McComb


Original releases

(or first known)

  1. Amon Ra 56
    The Brightest Heaven of Invention
    Flemish Polyphony of the High Renaissance
    New London Chamber Choir - James Wood

  2. Collegium Records JE 108 [LP]
    Motets of the Fifteenth Century
    The Columbia University Collegium Musicum - Richard Taruskin, dir.

  3. Eufoda 1366
    Christmas around the 1500's
    Capilla Flamenca

  4. Hyperion 66194
    The Castle of Fair Welcome
    Courtly songs of the later 15th century
    Gothic Voices - Christopher Page

  5. Lyrichord 8044
    Regis: Missa Ecce Ancilla Domini / Missa Dum Sacrum Mysterium
    Schola Discantus - Kevin Moll

  6. Musique en Wallonie MEW 0848/9 [CDx2]
    Johannes Regis: Opera omnia
    The Clerks - Edward Wickham, dir.

  7. L'Oiseau Lyre D 186 D4 (LPx4)
    Le Chansonnier Cordiforme
    Consort of Musicke - Anthony Rooley

  8. Resonus Classics "Inventa" 1008 [CD]
    The Sword & the Lily
    15th-century polyphony for Judgement Day
    Fount & Origin - James Tomlinson

  9. Ricercar 207572
    I Fiamminghi IV
    O admirabile commercium
    Brumel, Regis, Mouton, Josquin
    Cappella Pratensis - Rebecca Stewart

  10. Ricercar 333 [CD]
    The Birth of the Violin
    The First Violins and their Repertoire (1500-1550)
    Le miroir de musique - Baptiste Romain, dir.


(or otherwise duplicated)

  1. Saydisc / Amon Ra 73 [CD]
    High Renaissance
    Choral Polyphony from the Low Countries
    New London Chamber Choir - James Wood

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