Medieval & Renaissance Recordings of the Year - 2022

After last year's discussion, i.e. for a year that was simply too rich in pivotal releases not to mention, things kind of fell back with a thud this year. That's not to say that the items below aren't also important, only that the list is especially short this year. (During the intervening years when this feature didn't run, a typical length would've been around five items.... And I haven't changed criteria, at least not consciously....) Anyway, hopefully that's mostly about the aftermath of pandemic conditions, such that next year will bring more releases of high interest....

There isn't much else to say, so let me get right to it again: Please see my prior "remarks" about individual albums (from the link at the bottom) for more discussion. This is only a list (& as usual, is in chronological order by release date):

These are both from the same ensemble, Beauty Farm.... And as the "new" item (versus a third volume), the Tinctoris-Barbingant disc is an obvious choice for Record of the Year.

Finally, let me note (tangentially) here too the Thirty years on the web essay that I wrote earlier this year....

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Todd M. McComb
2 January 2023