Medieval & Renaissance Recordings of the Year - 2023

Continuing with the new format here, the notable recordings from last year, in chronological order by when I first heard them:

This year we have a more typical number of items (versus the small number, presumably pace pandemic aftermath, from last year), including varying material & different strengths:

The two Machaut albums continue an existing series, while Josquin I starts a new series: These items might thus be less notable on their own.... The others are strong, independent additions. I was particularly taken by the detailed interpretation of the Obrecht Missa Maria zart, while the Barbireau program (in a typical interpretation by its ensemble...) took longer to grow on me. Ultimately though, I decided it was more the Obrecht cycle that's an interesting curiosity (in notable performance...), while the Barbireau cycle has been the more impactful addition musically. So it's Beauty Farm once again with my Record of the Year....

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Todd M. McComb
2 January 2024