Z.M. Dagar
Seattle 1981
Ragas Todi, Ahir Lalit, Panchamkauns
Raga Records 219


  1. Raga Todi (29'12)
  2. Raga Ahir Lalit (32'26)
  3. Raga Panchamkauns (16'54)

Sound quality: excellent (studio quality, short applause)

Playing time: 78'52

Recording date: February 27, 1981 (University of Washington)

This issue comes from the University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives. Z.M. Dagar was a visiting professor there. It is somewhat unfortunate that the ragas do not show more variety than what is available in more extensive renditions elsewhere. However, this is supposed to be the first in a series, and is a welcome issue nonetheless.

Performances are alap alone.

The liners notes also contain an interview, as well as a complete discography (including cassette and LP) for Z.M. Dagar. That discography is given as:

Raga Mangeyabushan
Disques Alvarès LD 114 (LP)
Raga Bhairavi
Musiknätet Waxholm MNW2F (LP)
Ragas Chandrakauns & Jog
w/ Pagal Das (mridangam)
EMI India ECSD 2736 (LP)
Ragas Chandrakauns
w/ Arjun Shejwal (pakhawaj)
EMI India (AIR) PLMP 3039 (LP)
Ragas Todi & Pooriya
45T7EPE1312 (45 rpm)
Ragas Ahir Bhairav & Malkauns
w/ Arjun Shejwal (pakhawaj)
CBS India 489 (cassette)
Raga Yaman Kalyan
w/ Shrikant Mishra (pakhawaj)
Mozes en Aäron Kerk MA 8508 (cassette)
Ragas Todi, Malkauns, Nandebshwari
w/ Vedic chant
Amarnad AN-I-253 (cassette)

More recently released:

Raga Malkauns: Live in Bombay, 1968
w/ Z.F. Dagar (vocal)
Country and Eastern CE 02 (CD)
Raga Gangeyabushan
Amigo 906 (CD)
Raga Mishra Bhairavi (on sitar)
Amigo 907 (CD)

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