Early Music of the Netherlands

Early Music of the Netherlands, Volume 1: 1400-1600
Gesualdo Consort / Concerto Palatino / Ensemble Tragicomedia
Emergo Classics 3987


  1. Thomas Fabri (c.1400): Ach Vlaendere vrie
  2. Binchois: Nove cantum melody
  3. Binchois: Je ne vis onques la pareille
  4. Busnois: In hydraulis quondam Pythagora
  5. Obrecht: Tstat een meskin (instrumental)
  6. Obrecht: Mille quingentis
  7. Josquin: Kyrie (instrumental)
  8. Agricola: Credo Je ne vis onques
  9. Josquin: Ut Phebi radus
  10. Brumel: Tous les regretz
  11. Benedictus Appenzeller (c.1488-c.1558): Buvons, ma comere
  12. Clemens: Psalm 31 "Een lied eerbaer - Salich sy zyn"
  13. Sweelinck: Psalm 2 "Pourquoi font bruit"
  14. Lasso: Madonna mia, pietà (instrumental)
  15. Lasso / Andriaensen: Madonna mia, pietà
  16. Jacob de Brouck (c.1540-c.1590): Une Angelette
  17. Brouck: Pleurs et soupirs
  18. Rore: Amor che col partire
  19. Rore / Bovicelli: Amore che col partire (instrumental)
  20. Alexander Utendal (c.1530-1581): Tandem triumphans
  21. Jan Tollius (c.1550-c.1605): Zefiro torna

Performers: Barbara Borden (soprano), Yvonne Benschop (mezzo-soprano), Simon Schouten (countertenor), Robert Coupe (tenor), Michiel ten Houten de Lange (tenor), Harry van der Kamp (bass), Bruce Dickey (cornet), Charles Toet (sackbut), Stephen Stubbs (lute), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp), Erin Headley (bass viol)

Playing time: 74'

Recording date: December 1988

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