Songs for a Tudor King

Songs for a Tudor King
Fayrfax / Browne / Cornysh, etc.
Hilliard Ensemble - Paul Hillier
Saga Records 5461


  1. Anon: Small pathes to the greenwood
  2. Fayrfax: I love unloved
  3. Cornysh: Woefully arrayed
  4. Anon: Madame defrain
  5. Fayrfax: Benedicite, what dreamed I
  6. Cornysh: Ay besherew you
  7. Browne: Margaret meek
  8. Fayrfax: Somewhat musing
  9. Fayrfax: That was my woe
  10. Sheryngham: Ah gentle Jesu
  11. Fayrfax: Most clear of colour
  12. Cornysh: Hoyda, hoyda jolly rutterkin

Performers: Judith Nelson (soprano) / Hilliard Ensemble

Original release: 1978; re-released on CD: 1990; repackaged on CD: 1994

These songs are a short-lived and unique example of English songwriting of the period, vastly removed from that of the Continent. The principal source is the Fayrfax manuscript.

The major composers in the style are William Cornysh (c.1465-1523) and Robert Fayrfax (c.1464-1521).

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