Marbrianus de Orto (c.1460-1529) - A discography

This discography is presently in a preliminary state. It is believed to contain a substantial percentage of an eventual full listing, but has not been scoured for completeness or organized into sections based on individual works. It should prove informative nonetheless.

Discographic material below has been collected to this stage with substantial help from Pierre-F. Roberge.

Todd M. McComb


Original releases

(or first known)

  1. Collegium Records JE 109 / 110 [LPx2]
    Missa "L'Homme armé"
    A composite with the Proper for the Common of Doctors of the Church, and instrumental interludes
    The Columbia University Collegium Musicum - R. Taruskin, dir.

  2. EMI (HMV) 5 C193 24588 / 89 [LPx2]
    Anno Domini 1501
    45 compositions by Masters of the Low Countries
    Ensemble Syntagma Musicum

  3. Fra Bernardo 600 122 2
    Marbrianus de Orto
    The Sound and the Fury

  4. Harmonia Mundi HM 901682 [CD]
    Lamentations de la Renaissance
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

  5. Harmonia Mundi 901739
    Le Chant de Virgile
    Huelgas Ensemble - Paul Van Nevel

  6. Harmonia mundi "Documenta" HMC 90 5253 [CD]
    Amours amours amours
    Lautenduos um 1500 - Duos de luths autour de 1500 - Lute Duos around 1500
    Schröder, Young

  7. Harmonia Mundi HMU 907291
    Petrucci: Harmonice Musices Odhecaton

  8. Musique en Wallonie 1265/1266 [CDx2]
    De Orto / Josquin
    Musique à la Chapelle Sixtine autour de 1490
    Cut Circle - Jesse Rodin

  9. Naxos 8.554744
    The A-La-Mi-Re Manuscripts
    Flemish Polyphonic Treasures for Charles V
    Josquin / De la Rue / Willaert
    Capilla Flamenca

  10. Signum 025
    Master of Musicians
    Songs and instrumental music by Josquin Des Pres, his pupils and contemporaries
    Musica Antiqua of London - Philip Thorby

  11. Teldec AW 642625 [LP]
    Blockflötenmusik der Renaissance
    Wiener Blockflöten Ensemble


(or otherwise duplicated)

    None presently known.

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