The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin

The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin
Wind Records CB-03 (4 CDs)


  1. Wild Swan of Autumn
  2. Misty Rivers of Xiao Xiang
  3. Music of King Wen
  4. Missing an Old Friend

Recording date: April 1994 (Beijing)

Musical consultants for the project: Gong Yi, Lin You-Ren, Cheng Gong-Liang, Ding Cheng-Yuan, Jiang Zhi-Chao

This collection is available as a boxed set, as well as four individual CDs. Detailed contents are available on the page for the individual constituent CD. Information here is general and applicable to the entire set.

Individual artist will be given first for each track. Dates at the end for each piece give the earliest surviving publication.

One thing which can easily be noticed is the similarity in idiom between the ancient and modern pieces. An interesting remark in this set is that the producer wanted to compile it as a reference to be used for people writing new music.

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T. M. McComb