Escobedo: Missa Philippus Rex Hispaniæ

Escobedo: Missa Philippus Rex Hispaniæ
A Sei Voci / Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse / Choeur Philippus Rex Hispaniæ - Bernard Fabre-Garrus
Astrée 8640


  1. (Instrumental Introduction)
  2. Kyrie
  3. Gloria
  4. Clemens non Papa: Carole magnus eras
  5. Gombert: Dicite in Magni
  6. Credo
  7. Sanctus
  8. Rogier: Laudate dominum
  9. Guerrero: Ave Maria
  10. Agnus dei
  11. De Sancto Philippo (instrumental)
  12. Manchicourt: Nune enim si centum
  13. Guerrero: Regina cæli (instrumental)
  14. Ambrosio Cotes (c.1550-1603): Mortuus est Philippus

Performers: Raoul Le Chenadec (countertenor), Jean-Louis Comoretto (countertenor), Marc Pontus (countertenor), Thierry Bréhu (tenor), Eric Raffard (tenor), Edmund Hurtrait (tenor), Lucien Kandel (tenor), James Gowlings (baritone), Laurent Collobert (baritone), Jean-Louis Paya (baritone), Pascal Gourgand (tenor), Philippe Roche (bass), Jean-Pierre Canihac (cornet), Philippe Matharel (cornet), Daniel Lassalle (sackbut), Stefan Legée (sackbut), Gilles Lallement (sackbut), Bernard Fourtet (bass sackbut), Josep Borras (dulcian, bombarde), Fernando Sanchez (dulcian, bombarde), Laurent Le Chenadec (dulcian, bombarde), Béatrice Delpierre (bombarde), Philippe Canguilhem (bombarde), Alain Sobczak (contrabass bombarde), Dominique Ferran (organ); Choeur Philippus Rex Hispaniæ

Playing time: 60'

Recording date: April 1998 (Vitoria, Spain)

Reviewed in:
Fanfare (Vol./#-p.) 22/4-205 (March/April 1999)

Bartholomeo de Escobedo (1515-1563) is a relatively obscure contemporary (and perhaps assosciate) of Guerrero. The present mass was apparently written for the coronation (in abstentia) of Philip II on March 26, 1556 in Valladolid. It survives in the Vatican library, in very poor condition, and was carefully reconstructed by contemporary musicological scholarship. The cantus firmus shares the idea of a theme constructed on the vowels of the name of the addressee with Josquin's Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae. Intervening items by other composers are chosen to supplement the service, leading to the concluding piece on the death of Philip II.

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