Byrd: Complete Consort Music

Byrd: Complete Consort Music
Linn Records 372


  1. Fantasia a3 no. 3
  2. Browning a5 "The leaves be green"
  3. Te lucis a4
  4. In nomine a5 no. 3
  5. Christe redemptor omnium a4
  6. In nomine a5 no. 4
  7. Fantasia a4 no. 3
  8. Sermone Blando a3
  9. Fantasia a5 "Two parts in one in the 4th above"
  10. Fantasia a6 no. 1 "A song of two basses"
  11. Fantasia a3 no. 1
  12. Christe qui Lux es a4 no. 1
  13. In nomine a5 no. 2 "On the sharp"
  14. Christe qui Lux es a4 no. 2
  15. In nomine a4 no. 2
  16. Fantasia a6 no. 2
  17. Miserere a4
  18. Fantasia a4 no. 1
  19. Christe qui Lux es a4 no. 3
  20. In nomine a5 no. 5
  21. In nomine a4 no. 1
  22. Pavan and Galliard a6
  23. Fantasia a6 no. 3 "To the vyolls"
  24. Pavan and Galliard a5
  25. Sermone Blando a 4 no. 2
  26. Fantasia a3 no. 2
  27. Prelude and Goodnight Ground a5

Performers: Laurence Dreyfus (treble viol, direction), Wendy Gillespie (treble & tenor viols), Jonathan Manson (tenor viol), Markku Luolajan-Mikkola (bass viol), Mikko Perkola (tenor & bass viols), Emila Benjamin (tenor viol)

Playing time: 80'

Recording date: September 2010 (Oxford); released: 2011

It's stated that this program was recorded in September 2010 (both in the notes, and on the Phantasm web site, which I'm taking to be definitive), although the copyright/production date on the container says 2009.

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Byrd: Complete Consort Music
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