A Discography of Ensemble Organum

This is a discography of the early music group Ensemble Organum. The Ensemble was founded in 1982 by Marcel Pérès and is based in France. Its members have changed over the years, and include or have included at one time Josep Cabré, Josep Benet, Gérard Lesne, Antoine Sicot, Malcolm Bothwell. They have often collaborated with Lycourgos Angelopoulos.

They specialize in "pre- and para-Gregorian" chant, i.e., chants that were in use before Gregorian developed, or that evolved or survived in parallel with Gregorian chant. They are also interested in the way Gregorian was performed in the 16th-18th centuries (as opposed to the Solesmes tradition of performance). Their more recent work has been on Mozarabic chant (16th c. Spain) and the Laudario di Cortona (performed in a "staged" version in Paris in May 1995).

Original Recordings

In chronological order by recording date....

Polyphonie aquitaine du XIIe siècle: St. Martial de Limoges
Harmonia Mundi 901134
Messe du Jour de Noel (École de Notre-Dame)
Harmonia Mundi 901148
Chants de l'Église de Rome des VIIe et VIIIe siècles: période byzantine
Harmonia Mundi 901218
Josquin Desprez: Missa Pange lingua
w/ Ensemble Clément Janequin
Harmonia Mundi 901239
Codex Chantilly: airs de cour du XIVe siècle
Harmonia Mundi 901252
Corsica: Chants polyphoniques
Harmonia Mundi 901256
François Couperin: Messe a l'usage ordinaire des paroisses (1690)
Jean-Charles Ablitzer (organ)
Harmonic Records H/CD 8613
Chants de l'Église Milanaise
Harmonia Mundi 901295
Plain-chant Cathedrale d'Auxerre
Harmonia Mundi 901319
Ludus paschalis sive de Passione Domini
Harmonia Mundi 901323/24 (2 CDs)
Le jeu des pèlerins d'Emmaüs: drame liturgique du XIIe siècle
Harmonia Mundi 901347
Messe de Tournai
Harmonia Mundi 901353
Codex Faenza - Selections
Harmonia Mundi 901354
Messe de Saint Marcel
Harmonia Mundi 901382
Palestrina: Missa Viri Galilaei, Motet Viri Galilaei, Magnificat primi toni
La Chapelle Royale - Philippe Herreweghe
Harmonia Mundi 901388
Chants Cisterciens
Harmonia Mundi 901392
Graduel d'Aliénor de Bretagne
Harmonia Mundi 901403
Ockeghem: Requiem
Harmonia Mundi 901441
Chant de la Cathedrale de Benevento
Harmonia Mundi 901476
Plain-Chant Parisien: XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles
Harmonia Mundi 901480
Chant Corse: Manuscrits franciscains des XVIIe-XVIIIe siècles
Harmonia Mundi 901495
Chant Mozarabe Cathédrale de Tolède (XVe siècle)
Harmonia Mundi 901519
École Notre Dame: Messe de la Nativité de la Vierge
Harmonia Mundi 901538
Laudario di Cortona: Un mystère du XIIIe siècle
Harmonia Mundi 901582
Guillaume de Machaut: La Messe de Nostre Dame
Harmonia Mundi 901590
Chants de l'église de Rome - Vêpres
Harmonia Mundi 901604
Hildegard von Bingen: Laudes de Sainte Ursule
Harmonia Mundi 901626
Compostela ad Vesperas Sancti Iacobi: Codex Calixtinus
Ambroisie 9966
Ad vesperas Sancti Ludovici Regis Franciæ
Antiphonaire des Invalides, 1682
Ambroisie 9982
Le Manuscrit du Saint Sépulcre
Le Chant des Templiers
Ambroisie 9997
Chant de L'Église de Rome
Incarnatio Verbi
Zig-Zag Territoires 81001
Missa Gotica - XIVe siècle
Toulouse, Barcelona, Avignon, Apt
Zig-Zag Territories 090601
Divitis / Févin: Requiem
Aeon 1216


Marcel Pérès Portrait
Harmonia Mundi SP 042
Ancient Voices - Vox sacra
Anonymous 4, Ensemble Organum - Marcel Pérès, Soeur Marie Keyrouz
Harmonia Mundi HMX 290 608
Musica humana
Anonymous 4, Ensemble Discantus, Ensemble Gilles Binchois, Choeur byzantin de Grèce, Ensemble Organum, Musica Nova, Crawford Young & John Fleagle, Gothic Voices, Hilliard Ensemble, Houria Aïchi, Yann-Fanch Kemener, Ozan Firat, Kalenda Maya, Françoise Atlan
L'Empreinte Digitale 13047
Le Mystère des Templiers
Various performers
Ambroisie 195
Les Très Riches Heures du Moyen-Âge - A Medieval Journey
Soeur Marie Keyrouz, Ensemble Organum, Deller Consort, Clemencic Consort, Anonymous 4, Hilliard Ensemble, Newberry Consort, Paul O'Dette
Harmonia Mundi HMX 90 649/54 (6 CDs)

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