Modern music: Xenakis (supplement)

With my main Xenakis page going through so many updates over the years — and this seems to be the fate of any listing that is attempting to be selective, at least assuming that performance practice continues apace — it is time to create this supplementary page.

I do not want to erase recording information that had previously appeared on the main page, and so I will collect it here, for historical reference. This will allow me to do updates a little more gracefully, and generally keep to a "flatter" structure.

The following recordings were either once a part of the main page, or prompted me to create specific files for them for some other reason, including recently. Some include further comments. Some comments have been edited more recently, and some have not.

Xenakis: Orchestral Works & Chamber Music
SWF Symphony Orchestra / Les Jeunes Solistes / Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique
Col Legno "Collage" 20504
Xenakis: Ensemble Music - 2
ST-X Ensemble USA - Charles Zachary Bornstein
Mode 56
Xenakis: Percussion Works
Steven Schick / Red Fish Blue Fish
Mode 171/173 (3 CDs)
Xenakis: Works with Piano
Xenakis Edition, Volume 11
Aki Takahashi / Calithumpian Consort / JACK Quartet / Rohan de Saram
Mode 217
Xenakis: Ensemble Works 3
Xenakis Edition, Volume 13
International Contemporary Ensemble / Red fish blue fish - Steven Schick
Mode 261
Xenakis: Orchestral Works
Xenakis Edition, Volume 15
Residente Orkest The Hague / Orchestra Sinfonica RAI - Artur Tamayo
Mode 299
Xenakis Complete Vol. 2 - Iannissimo!
ST-X Ensemble USA - Charles Zacharie Bornstein
Vandenburg 0003

The following are recordings that had been referenced on other recording pages for some reason, collected here, again for historical reference. Some newer recordings are also mentioned here, if I've heard them.

Xenakis: Kraanerg
Paul D. Miller / ST-X Ensemble - Charles Zacharie Bornstein
Asphodel Sombient 0975
Xenakis: Live 1
Echange / Palimpsest / Waarg / Eonta
ASKO Ensemble - David Porcelijn
Attacca "Babel" 9054
Xenakis: Le legende d'eer
(electronic tape)
Auvidis Montaigne 782058
Xenakis: Pléïades
Kroumata Percussion Ensemble
Bis 482
Xenakis: Eonta, Metastaseis, Pithoprakta
Orchestre National de l'ORTF - Maurice Le Roux / Yuji Takahashi, Ensemble Instrumental de Musique Contemporaine de Paris - Konstantin Simonovic
Le Chant du Monde 278 368
Xenakis: Evryali, Herma / Messiaen: Quatre etudes
Yuji Takahashi
Denon 1052
Xenakis: Electronic Music
Diamorphoses / Concert PH / Orient-Occident / Bohor / Hibiki-Hana-Ma / S.709
Electronic Music Foundation, Albany NY
Xenakis: Phlegra, Jalons, Keren, Nomos alpha, Thallein
Ensemble Intercontemporain - Michel Tabachnik & Pierre Boulez
Erato 45770
Xenakis: Kraanerg
Alpha Centauri Ensemble - Roger Woodward
Etcetera 1075
Xenakis: Pléïades
Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Harmonia Mundi "musique d'abord" 1905185
Xenakis: Medea, Nuits, Knephas, Serment, A Colone
New London Chamber Choir / Critical Band - James Wood
Hyperion 66980
Xenakis: Ensemble Music - 1
Plektó / Eonta / Akanthos / Rebonds / N'Shima
ST-X Ensemble USA - Charles Zachary Bornstein
Mode 53
Xenakis & Varèse
Dämmerschein / Persephassa / La Déesse Athéna / Amériques
Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic - Juan Pablo Izquierdo
Mode 58
Xenakis: Works for Piano
Aki Takahashi
Mode 80
Xenakis Live in New York - Xenakis Complete Vol. 1
Phlegra / Kuilenn / Kai / Epicycles / Interview
ST-X Ensemble USA - Charles Zacharie Bornstein
Vandenburg 0001
Xenakis: Palimpsest, Épéi, Dikhthas, Akanthos
Spectrum Ensemble - Guy Protheroe
Wergo 6178

This is not a complete discography, but it does mention a fairly large number of recordings devoted to Xenakis. I have only listed recordings that I have heard. Many of the recordings in this latter section date to before I started this web page, in 1994 or 1995, and so never found their way to a full description.

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Todd M. McComb
Updated: 26 January 2014