A Medieval Christmas

A Medieval Christmas
The Boston Camerata, Joel Cohen
Nonesuch Records H-71315 [LP]
Elektra/Nonesuch 9 71315-2 [CD]
Elektra/Nonesuch N5 71315 [Cassette]


    Traditional Jewish Cantillation
  1. Isaiah's prophecy: Kee yeled yoolad lanoo

  2. Spanish, 10th century
  3. The Sybil's prophecy: Iudicii signum

  4. Franco-Provençal drama Sponsus, 12th century
  5. Adest sponsus
  6. Oiet, virgines

  7. French clausula, 13th century
  8. Domino

  9. Hymn, plainchant
  10. Conditor alme siderum

  11. Italian lauda, 15th century
  12. Verbum caro factum est

  13. Old Saxon Gospel reading, 10th century
  14. On frymde waes Word (John 1:1)

  15. French 3-voice organum, 13th century
  16. Iudea et Iherusalem

  17. French conductus, 13th century
  18. Gedeonis area

  19. Reading from Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1340-1400)
  20. O moder mayde (The Prioress's Tale)

  21. Plainchant hymn and sacred song, Provençal, 13th-century
  22. Ave maris stella; O Maria deu maire

  23. French prosa, 12th century
  24. Ave Maria

  25. Plainchant responsory
  26. Gaude Maria

  27. German hymn, 14th century
  28. Joseph, liber nefe min

  29. 12th-century Catalan conductus with refrain; 15th-century Dutch hymn; 16th-century German hymn
  30. Congaudet hodie; In dulci iubilo; In dulci iubilo

  31. English reading, 14th century
  32. Handbyhand we shule us take

  33. French conductus, 12th century
  34. Lux hodie; Orientis partibus

Playing time: 23' 05" + 22' 33" = 45' 38"

Joel Cohen (director, baritone, lute, oud), Tim Aarset (baritone, recorders, shawms), Mark Baker (baritone), Miriam Charney (alto), John Clark (tenor), Alison Fowle (rebec, viola da gamba), Sallie Gordon (soprano), David Greisinger (tenor), Rufus Hallmark (tenor), Adrienne Hartzell (vielle, harp, bells), Peter Hunsberger (baritone), Nancy Joyce (flutes, recorders, shawm), Barbara Lakeburg (soprano), Laurie Monahan (soprano), Deborah Prince (soprano), Charles Rhodes (countertenor), Kenneth Roth (shawm, organetto, recorders), Peggy Wright (alto), Nicholas Linfield (reader).

Recording site and date: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA, [1975 pr prior]

Elektra/Nonesuch 79 303-2 [CDx3] With Joyful Voices - Christmas Music of Eight Centuries

Information from owned LP (William MacLehose & Pierre-F. Roberge) and CD (Pierre-F. Roberge).

William MacLehose

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There are a very large number of Christmas programs, and we not really gathered them together in that sense. In many cases, where they are devoted more specifically to an individual area of the repertory they will be listed there, although the more general programs are given above. In the future, perhaps a more complete Christmas listing will be created.

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