English 17th Century

A Gift of Nature
English Chamber Music of the 17th Century
Trio Sonnerie
Teldec (Das Alte Werk) 90841


  1. Thomas Baltzar (c.1630-1663): A Prelude (violin)
  2. Baltzar: A Division on "John come kiss me now" (violin, viol, organ, theorbo, harp)
  3. Johann Schop (d.1667): Lachrimae (violin, guitar, viol)
  4. Nicola Matteis (c.1675-c.1749): Ground after the Scotch Humour (violin, virginal, guitar)
  5. Anon: A Devision (treble viol, virginal, theorbo, organ)
  6. Matteis: Ground in D (violin, viol, spinet)
  7. William Brade (1560-1630): Coral (violin, organ)

  8. William Lawes: Suite No. 8 in D (violin, viol, organ)
  9. Fantazia
  10. Almaine "la goutte"
  11. Galliard
  12. Christopher Simpson: (c.1605-1669): Prelude (viol)
  13. Simpson: Divisions on a Ground (viol, virginal)
  14. Jenkins: Fantasy in D minor (violin, viol, organ)
  15. Byrd: John come kiss me now (virginal)
  16. Matteis: Passagio a solo (violin, organ, harp, guitar, viol)
  17. Matteis: Allegro prestissimo (violin, organ, harp, guitar, viol)
  18. Matteis: Ground - Adagio piu presto (violin, organ, harp, guitar, viol)
  19. Matteis: Aria amoroso (violin, organ, harp, guitar, viol)
  20. Michel Farinel (b.1649): Faronell's Ground (violin, guitar, spinet, viol)
  21. Anon: Paul's Steeple (violin, viol, spinet, guitar, harp)

Performers: Monica Huggett (violin), Sarah Cunningham (viol), Gary Cooper (virginal, spinet, organ); Stephen Stubbs (theorbo, baroque guitar), Andrew Lawrence-King (harp, organ)

Playing time: 70'

Recording date: December 1992

Instruments: Violin - Hieronymus & Antonius Amati (1618); Viols - Pringle 1982 after Rose (1604), Julier 1992 after Meares (c.1670); Virginal (muselar) - Adlam 1972 after Ruckers (1611); Spinet - Hellon 1979 after Haward (c.1680); Theorbo - Hasenfuss (1990); Guitar - Barber (1992) after Voboam (baroque); Harp (double) - Capp (1991) after Italian; Organ (one stop) - Tickell (1990)

This anthology represents most of the primary English instrumental composers between the time of Byrd & Locke (and beyond). The focus is primarily on the division or variation form.

Another recording featuring some of the virtuoso repertory of this era, but arranged for recorder:

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This highlights especially the music of Christopher Simpson who was the acknowledged leader in writing divisions for viols. A more recent recording by a closely related ensemble devoted to his music

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Among the composers included, Matteis has developed an increasingly large reputation for his violin writing (in an Italian vein) of late, despite the fact that he was apparently not greatly copied in his own era. Baltzar was the acknowledged leader in solo violin writing prior to the arrival of Matteis, and uses a more "english" style. Brade is an English composer who went to work in Germany and wrote a good deal of lighter "ceremonial" music. Of course, Lawes & Jenkins are also fairly well known today. Recordings devoted to some of these individual composers:

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Brade: Hamburger Ratsmusik um 1600
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